I got to spend New Years Day out with my father-in-law and sister-in-law who were hunting rabbits with their red tail hawks.
2019 was a fun year to watch a 16 month old turn into a talkative, energetic two year old. He still talks about this trip where we walked up the “mountain” (small hill) near our house.
I hoped to get into macro photography this year. It didn’t really happen, but I enjoyed chasing this spider around my deck.
I took this in the Grand Tetons on my iPhone X.
We were driving on Highway 20 on our way out of Yellowstone one night when we passed this little group of male bighorn sheep hanging out along the road. They posed for us in the snow without blinking an eye.
Seeing grizzlies was one of the highlights of visiting Yellowstone. What you can’t see is the hundred cars parked along the road with people watching.
A lone coyote wandering through sage brush in Yellowstone.
We left Cooke City, MT to head back into Yellowstone but not before stopping in the amazing Bearclaw Bakery. This little fox wandering around outside the bakery looking for a handout. The first fox I was ever able to photograph.
Took this from our cabin along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia looking south towards Hanging Rock (far left), Pilot Mountain (center left), and Mount Airy (right).
Our second son was born in December.

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